New Perspective for a Better Future
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6:30 - 7:30 PM
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Rye Benitez
"An Unimaginable Season"

Teliya Barrack
"Make Our World a Fresh Place to Live"

Savannah Moore
"How to Cope through Struggling Times"

Kaylee Fetty
"Dream Big"

Allie Amison & Payton Abbod
"Getting Sassy with COVID"

Lena Saber
"Everyday Heroes"

AJ Mwangi
"Unprecedented "

Reimagining Education Panel

Vance Anderson, Madalyn Brion Reed, Natalie Hidalgo, Doaa Polus, Irene Tehan-Boren, Arabella Wang
Alex Dwyer - Moderator

Performance by

Hillsdale Music Ensemble

Hosted by

Julia Habboush

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June 2 - New Perspective for a Better Future
Reimagining Education Panel (full conversation) Full panel conversation of the Reimagining Education Panel from Session 1.
Financial Empowerment K-2 How do I talk about finances with younger students, grades K-2? Learn how to discuss topics like spending, saving, investing, and funding future education with younger students through 1) Goal Setting, 2) Allowance, and 3) Numeracy
Financial Empowerment 3-5 How do I talk about finances with elementary students, grades 3-5? Learn how to discuss topics like spending, saving, investing, and funding future education through 1) Costs vs. Benefits, 2) Allowance, 3) Needs, Wants, Savings, and 4) Chores
Financial Empowerment 6-8 How do I talk about finances with middle school students, grades 6-8? Learn how to discuss topics like spending, saving, investing, and funding future education through 1) a Grocery Budget, 2) College Comparison Shopping, and 3) Create a FSA ID
5 Tips for Children's Mental Health In honor of Children's Mental Health Week, we have invited 6-year-old Leya as a guest to our VRC channel to provide 5 tips on how adults can support children's mental health.
Good Financial habits North Island Credit Union Learn how to establish good financial habits early
Accomplishing Financial Well-Being...the Kids Way How do we teach our youth about financial literacy inside our classrooms? “Focus on connecting their interest to financial literacy”, says 2018 TEDx Speaker, Jason Jenkins. In a simple and powerful talk, he explains the path on how we can give a lifetime gift to our future generations.
More Than a Garden 2017 TEDx speakers, AJ Harris and Nate Henderson share their journey of how a garden changed their focus in school and allowed them to share their new found passion for gardening with their peers.
What is School For? What is school really for? One size doesn't fit all and not all learners learn the same. Our educational system hasn't changed much in the last 100 years, yet our society continues to change. How is our current education getting our children ready for the real world that is constantly changing? Talia Kroeger, 2020 TEDx speaker, shares her thoughts around "what is school for?"
Happier, Healthier Students 2020 TEDx speaker, Danica Gibaldi reminds us that recess is not just playtime but is actually good for the mind and body and passionately advocates for more recess in schools

#youbelong Panel (Full Conversation) Full panel conversation of the #youbelong Panel from Session 2.
How to do the Jerusalema Dance 5th-grade students from Fuerte Elementary teaches us how to do the Jerusalema dance
Beginner Hip Hop Learn hip hop just like our performers in Session 2, Steele Canyon Club Groove Dance Team. Dance is a great way to relieve stress, get your blood flowing, and build confidence. Dance professor, Melissa Adao, shows us basic hip hop moves called "Top Rock" for beginners.
Journaling to Relieve Stress Stress management should be a priority for everyone, especially with the many stressors and life changes we face during the pandemic. Watch this to see the benefits of journaling to relieve stress.
Ask Some Questions Do you like the world around you? If your world is not all you want it to be, you can change it. Sayed, a fourth-grader at Lexington Elementary School shares this idea about the importance of asking questions. This was a TED Talk from our 2019 TEDxKids@ElCajon event.
Building Bridges With his own personal history as a young refugee in El Cajon who attended local schools and became a police officer on the ECPD, 2018 TEDx Speaker, Detective Louie Michael has become a driving force in connecting the Middle Eastern population with law enforcement. Throughout his career, he has created many positive connections in his community.
Seeing Past the Surface 2018 TEDx speaker, Precious Inyang explains that in a world where hate crimes, brutality, and racism seem to grow by the day, hope lies in knowing that we as people can choose to see others for who they are, and not for what we’ve been told they are.
My Crown 2017 TEDx Speaker, Ruqiya Althalmi, encounters misunderstandings with patience and a smile in her coming of age story. She is proud to call herself a "Hijabi" and wear her "Crown."
Career Readiness Panel (Full Conversation) Full panel conversation of the Career Readiness Panel from Session 3.
What is the RIASEC In this workshop, CVUSD Chief Innovation and Engagement Officer, Ed Hidalgo, shares how to explore your strengths, interests, and workplace values.
How to Make a Butterfly Garden One of our speakers, Alyssa Beumeler will teach you how to make your very own butterfly garden!
What is your RIASEC? Discover Your RIASEC Themes and Explore careers that align to your RIASEC letters
How Cajon Valley is preparing students for Career Readiness This District Helps Young Kids Identify Their Interests — and Ideal Careers, beginning in elementary school
Open Your Eyes Oemi Mertha draws upon her own personal experiences to offer a powerful look into her younger life as a visually impaired student. She uses these experiences in her role as Special Education teacher to guide students to feel comfortable in their own skin and to see their differences as a super power.
What is your Passion? Arlin Shamo is one of our 2019 TEDx speakers. She shares how the RIASEC helped her find her passons

Virtual TEDx Performance Stage

Ballet Folklórico
Lexington Elementary School

Boomwackers - Ghost Buster
Hillsdale Middle School

Steele Canyon High School Advanced Dance

Fuerte Elementary