Talia Kroeger

Greenfield Middle School

One thought on “Talia Kroeger

  1. Talia, I am so proud of you! Thank you for bringing an awareness to the way students want to learn. I always say that as a teacher I’m constantly learning from my students. Tonight, we learn from you! Keep speaking your truth, girl! You’re amazing!

  2. Talia! You are phenomenal! You are a powerhouse and ANYTHING you set your mind to you achieve. Good job!

  3. Wow, what an amazing talk! I am on board redesigning school for everyday life! Thanks for bringing this to the forefront of education! You really speak the truth of what students want for their education and I support you!

  4. ” Wow , Talia Kroeger outstanding performance on your Ted X Talks. You brought up many interesting facts regarding ” what is school for” and things like why are we not taught the basic things like Paying taxes for future use. How to get a Job was another. Highlighting facts regarding Abraham Lincoln not having schooling skills but was still able to manage our government as a President of the United States, same goes for George Washington and several other’s. You Brought a lot of other interesting facts to the table that where interesting also. Most of all Thank you for Bring one Home For the G-House !!!!!! Here at Greenfield Middle School each year we Host the Ted X event on our Campus huge event. But this year Due to the Coronavirus Covid 19 we had to post the Ted X event in a Zoom video . Again thank you Talia Kroeger for attending under the TED X Event under theses covid 19 circumstances . Not too many of our student participate in Ted X . Sadly since it on our campus. I am Proud to Say Talia Kroeger is a Greenfield Middle School Student that went above and beyond, not only for the CVUSD TED X event but for her the G-House !!!!!!!!!!!! and fellow Classmates .

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